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Trophy Texas Aoudad Hunts - Starting at just $1850!

Sunset Safari offers an interesting and unique assortment of animals from around the world and brings them together in one
special place to hunt and enjoy, without ever leaving the states. The land in which they reside is as diverse as the animals themselves.

The Texas Panhandle offers terrain ranging from rolling hills to thick brush with cactus flats that give way to rugged canyons and breaks.
This is not a zoo. This is a true hunt. The habitat is wild and unmolested. The animals definitely have the advantage.
If you are looking for a canned hunt, you need to pass on this one.

The hunts are conducted as all-inclusive packages, or can be customized to fit your needs.
We have a no-kill no-pay policy. All hunts are fully-guided, one on one. All animals are caped and quartered.
You may hunt with the weapon of your choice. Spot and stalk is the preferred method but stands are available.

It is our goal to give you an exciting hunt of a lifetime, without having to travel around the world for exotic animals of your dreams.
If you are looking for something different, unique, and love the thrill of the chase, then you will enjoy the unequaled adventure of Sunset Safari. So grab your hunting gear, give us a call and "GET YOUR STALK ON"

Meals and Lodging - During your stay you will dine on Texas-style cuisine and enjoy your very own private bedroom in our 8 bedroom lodge. Non-hunting guests are welcome and may accompany you on the hunt or relax in the comfortable living area of the 100 year-old, wood-heated, historic building. Cost for both meals and lodging is $150 per night.

Evan King

P.O. Box 85
Memphis Tx. 79245

940-886-6474 cell

806-259-3916 home

Aoudad Ram Hunts in Memphis TX - Texas Exotics Hunting - Aoudad, Sheep, Texas zebra fallow deer blackbuck
Starting at $1,850
Fallow Deer
Starting at $1,800
Starting at $1,500
Yak pere david deer pheasant, chukar and quail Axis
Starting at $4,000
Père David's Deer
Starting at $5,000
Red Stag
Please Call for Pricing
Axis Deer
Starting at $1,800
pheasant, chukar and quail pheasant, chukar and quail pheasant, chukar and quail pheasant, chukar and quail
Wild Hogs
Starting at $375 per day
Please Call for Pricing
Starting at $2,500
Mule Deer
Starting at $2,500
Buffalo catalina American Mouflan Jacobs 4 horn
Trophy Buffalo - $5,500
Meat Buffalo - $3,500
Starting at $500
Armenian Mouflan
Starting at $500
Jacobs 4 Horn Sheep
Starting at $500
Texas Dahl Corsican Ram Black Hawaiian Ram Painted Desert Ram
Texas Dall
Starting at $$500
Corsican Ram
Starting at $$500
Black Hawaiian Ram
Starting at $$500
Painted Desert Ram
Starting at $500

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